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Regd. No.79

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sankhuwasabha education scholRSHIP FOUNDtion

Welcome to Himalaya Secondary School, Khandbari

SESF Chairman

Dear Sir/Madam,

The Sankhuwasabha Education Scholarship Foundation (SESF) is a registered, non-profit social organization established in Khandbari  of Northeastern part of Nepal in 1997.

The organization registration number at Distinct administration office, Sankhuwasabha  is 79.  SESF has also been affiliated with  Social Welfare Council  Kathmandu and its Affiliation Number is 17776. SESF Permanent account  Number (PAN) is  302303955.

SESF aims to create educational opportunities for children in need, particularly girls, from Khandbari and surrounding districts. Many of the children that we serve have lost their father due to either death or imprisonment and their mothers lack the means to care for them independently without external support. Now  there are 20 poorest children (14 girls and 6 boys) sponsored by different individuals from different countries. They have been going to different private as well as  government schools of Khandbari area.

Tejnath Pokharel Secretary treasure


Our Organization Driving Principle

SESF Vision:
  • Attain an improved education status and easier access to education for the children of Khandbari and surrounding districts in eastern Nepal.
  • Decrease school dropout rates in Khandbari and surrounding districts in eastern Nepal
  • Nurture children to be diverse and self-reliant leaders.Stop social inequalities, allowing children equal access to education.
Guiding principles

SESF is from discrimination among any castes and religions. Maximum utilization of minimum resource, accountability, transparency and selfless service are sour guiding principles

Mission Statement.

SESF exists  to support the poorest, helpless orphaned children to   go to school and obtain quality education so that they can be self-dependent in their future life

Our Core Values

We have a culture that is modern, relevant, and inspires students to have a brighter future. We are determined in our approach to learning, are creative in our thinking, and bold in our ambition

Alyssa Solomon
Child Sponsorship  Program:

SESF Child Sponsorship Program efforts to   bring change in the lives of poorest children in  Sankhuwasabha district of eastern Nepal. Under this program, Donors can also select a child to sponsor through SESF. The sponsored children receive education at either a private English boarding school or a government school in Khandbari.
The sponsored  children receive money for  their school  uniforms, monthly school fees, stationery, medical treatment, etc.

Scholarship distribution program.


SESF    distributes education scholarship from its general fund  to the children of the poorest families and helps  them to continue their study and obtain educational qualification.

Orphanage Support Program

Under this program SESF   has been supporting and  an orphanage entitled   Child Welfare Home Khandbari.  Now there are 12 kids ; 7 boys and 5 girls between the ages of 6 to 15 years.

Fund Raising Programs

Under this program SESF raises funds to support the orphanage  entitled  Child Welfare Home (CWH) Khandbari to provide 12 orphaned, abandoned and helpless kids with food and shelter, educational opportunities, healthcare. Our ultimate goal is to help prepare these children to be self-independent and self-sufficient in the future so that they can lift themselves, their families, and their communities.

Social Trekking  

SESF  has established Makalu Arun Social Trek (MAST), a nonprofit distributing social trekking company in Khandbari  of eastern Nepal. MAST organizes, coordinates and facilitates community-friendly social trekking program that generate income for SESF to run its educational program in the district.


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